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The Akron home where immigrants Charles and Salome Reymann raised their sixteen children was a welcome place for all. Grandchildren recall that everyone – family, friends, neighbors, tradesmen and workers, even strangers – were all treated with kindness and respect.

The spirit of that house lives on. That dwelling, now formally called the Charles and Salome Reymann Home, is a licensed group living facility that provides a supervised, safe and dignified living quarters for up to 16 residents.

The Charles and Salome Reymann Foundation provides essential funding and support for this location and another licensed group living facility in Northeast Ohio for adults with special needs. 

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The Foundation diligently ascertains that every group home is:

  • Managed by reputable firms operating healthy, positive programs for developmentally disabled adults
  • ADA compliant – with ramps and other accessibility addressed
  • Safe, secure and comfortable

Your contribution to the Charles and Salome Reymann Foundation helps maintain these homes.