Stories of Support

Founder’s Day

Jul 12, 2023

On March 5, 1967, while Salome Reymann was vacationing in Florida, several members of the Reymann family gathered at the Reymann home. Discussion was the possibility of establishing a foundation in memory and honor of Charles and Salome Reymann.

Reymann son, Fr. James Reymann, stated that for several years he had considered some sort of foundation to enable him to dispose of his estate to a worthwhile cause. Though having these thoughts, he had never followed through until approached first by his nephew, Gilbert Reymann, Jr., and then by his nephew Chuck Reymann, regarding creating a foundation to perpetuate the ideas that Charles and Salome had stood for during their lives.

The purpose of this meeting was to see how the family felt about the idea.

Notes were taken during this meeting. Chuck, a lawyer, was questioned regarding legal aspects. He recommended, if the family moved forward, setting up a non-profit organization that would be in the form of a corporation.

Joseph Reymann, not present but asked his opinion prior to the meeting, was in full agreement as long as all was handled properly.

Edwin Reymann asked “how much money are we speaking about?” That question was laid to rest as the discussion that day was whether or not to move forward, regardless of funding, starting on a small scale and working into something bigger.

Clem Reymann and Fr. Jim expressed the hope of having most family members involved in order for the foundation to survive.

Bernard Reymann expressed the poignant thought that everything depended on whether or not the Reymann children thought “enough of our parents to perpetuate their names.”

Marcel Reymann thought it was a “tremendous idea” and credited those who had originated it. He stated that nothing but good could come out of a family foundation and that he was not worried about how it would work out in the future as “there are enough capabilities within the family to follow through.”

The name suggested was “The Charles and Salome Reymann Foundation”.

After Salome returned from vacation and gave her approval, a meeting was held in May. Motions were made, seconded and approved and all order of business was conducted to establish the Reymann Foundation as a charitable organization perpetuating the general principles of Christian living on which Charles and Salome patterned their lives.

On July 3, 1967, the original founders signed a document defining the membership of the Foundation. The charter establishing The Charles and Salome Reymann Foundation was signed on July 7, 1967. Members of the Foundation mark July 7th as “Founder’s Day”.

We are continually reminded of how those comments made by our early founders (many of whom have since passed), predicted the growth and achievements of the Foundation. We strive to always make them proud.