Major Donors

Any Donation will help to keep our existing mission and programs solid. All gifts matter – and make a difference, as you can see here are our 4 Great Reasons to Support the Reymann Foundation.

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Your Major Donor Giving Helps to Substantially:

Make it easier to create new programs that meet today’s needs.

Continue long-running, successful programs that have benefited people for generations.

Support the passion in your heart to help special people in our community.

Become a more prominent, influential voice – advocating for the rights, respect and growth of people with disabilities.

If you are able, your major donation will help more people, be more solvent longer into the future, and give us the financial fluidity to find more and new opportunities to serve people with developmental disabilities, their families and the people who educate them.

Why Major Donors

Trust the Reymann Foundation

It’s our story. There’s something compelling about an organization founded in 1967 that has never wavered from its mission. For decades before that, Charles and Salome Reymann modeled for us how to care for others. Their legacy remains this simple but meaningful mission: Support the programs that improve the lives of our neighbors with special needs.

Support Levels

Friend in Mission


The ultimate advocate with generous financial support to sustain the future, freeing us to grow and reach more.

Charles Reymann Leader

$10,000 to $25,000

A visionary contributor enabling significant growth, expanding our impact and supporting new programming.

Salome's Friend

$5,000 to $10,000

A caring friend helping us to achieve new goals, discovering additional ways to help our neighbors in need.

Good Works

$1,000 to $5,000

A champion that helps to keep our programs going, providing skills, hope and independence to others.

Helping Hands

$500 to $1,000

The giver driven to make an impact on someone’s life – it’s amazing how simple it is to make a difference.

Become a Major Donor!

Our many giving options range from structured giving and estate planning to creating an endowment. This maximizes the impact of your generosity and creates a meaningful, long-lasting legacy.

Which way is best for you? Contact us to discuss how and why you want to give. We want to hear from you.