Stories of Support

Living Out Our Mission – Becky’s Story

Sep 19, 2022

One would think that Becky Kovesci, great granddaughter of Charles and Salome Reymann, was influenced by her family to pursue a career in the field of Special Education. But yet, it’s the passion in Becky’s own heart that led her down the path of helping students with disabilities. “I LOVE watching a child learn to communicate, which is a huge stepping stone to achieve independence and ultimately become a functioning part of society” muses Becky. “These kids are so special to me; I have a unique bond with my students, as they do with me.” 

Becky, who received an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University and a Masters of Science in Curriculum & Instruction from The University of Akron, is an Intervention Specialist for Canton City School District in Canton, Ohio. Many experiences that built on each other enhanced Becky’s training — from summers spent at the Akron Rotary Camp as a counselor and program coordinator, an applied behavior therapist in home health and educational settings, a mentor and tutor for postsecondary students, a paraprofessional assisting student’s one-on-one, and eventually teaching children on the autism spectrum. Becky considers herself a student of life, stating she will never be a master of her craft, being that each child’s disability is different, each day is different, and she is learning along with her students.

Becky adds that it’s not an easy road for anyone providing for individuals with special needs, whether it is the copious-yet-necessary paperwork required by the administration and state, the severity of a student’s disabilities and therefore the level of their needs, or the home environment that may either help or hinder the child. “I have the utmost respect and empathy for parents of children with special needs” states Becky. “They are coping 24/7 to provide for their children, they are exhausted, are dealing with the unknown, and have absolutely no downtime.” These parents work with Becky and her colleagues as a team for the benefit of the student, bringing various levels of expertise and insight to complex situations. Through these challenges, Becky is able to see the uniqueness in each child, and strives to bring out their full potential. The ultimate goal is to teach acceptance and tolerance, and to establish a community in which the child can be successful according to their own terms. 

It is clear that Becky is perfectly suited and very gifted to serve the developmentally disabled community, and is grounded in purpose through her profession. She holds true to her own life’s conviction:  to make a difference to others, and to seek personal fulfillment by improving the lives of others. How perfectly aligned with the mission of the Reymann Foundation! So what does Becky do for self-care with such a stressful career? She enjoys reading, kayaking, friends and family time. And of course, being a Reymann, there’s certainly a lot of family. Becky clearly is a proud reflection of her great grandparents, Charles and Salome Reymann. You’re an example of selfless giving to all of us, Becky Kovesci, and we are grateful for you!