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The Reymann Foundation is excited to continue with the second year of a special campaign that will help us all celebrate the heart and soul of our organization.

The Salome’s Heart Campaign is named for the kind, helping woman who was well-known by the homeless community of her time. They would draw a simple chalk sketch of a cat on the Reymann home’s sidewalk, telling those in need that “a kind, helping woman lives here.” Salome’s good deeds helped to inspire the founding of our organization in 1967. We want to embody Salome’s kindness and inspire others to join and support our mission.

Your gift in the name of Salome’s Heart supports our programs, helping individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and caregivers, and the dedicated people who educate and support them.

Who Was

Salome Reymann?

Salome Reymann was a hard-working woman who immigrated to Ohio from Alsace-Lorraine. In 1906, she married fellow immigrant Charles Reymann and settled in Akron.

Charles and Salome successfully raised 16 children, teaching them all the meaning of “love your neighbor as yourself.” Salome led by example. She generously cared for the downtrodden in her own neighborhood, recognizing that the Great Depression forced many people into poverty. For instance, men searching for a meal in exchange for a few hours of work came to know her home as a place of care and generosity.

They would draw a sketch of a cat on the sidewalk near the home, a common sign to others in need that “a kind, helping woman lives here.”

Salome Reymann died in 1969. Her late son, Fr. James J. Reymann, a Roman Catholic priest who passed away just this year, praised her spirit as “valiant” – courageous in her faith and determined to aid both strangers and neighbors – and especially family. Two of Salome’s grandchildren had special needs. She and Charles were strong and supportive advocates for those less fortunate within our community. We encourage you to follow Salome’s example.

Look into your heart to continue her mission. Help the Reymann Foundation give hope to people with developmental disabilities.

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What’s In Your Heart This Season?

Salome’s kind-hearted spirit is kept alive by The Charles and Salome Reymann Foundation. In this season of giving, remember Salome’s story and consider donating to the Reymann Foundation, helping us continue our legacy.

Donations to the Salome’s Heart Campaign can be made online by clicking here or making check payable to:

The Charles and Salome Reymannn Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 13441
Fairlawn, OH 44334

Our family and the developmentally disabled community of Northeast Ohio truly appreciate your support.

Salome’s Heart Lives On

Throughout our 55-year history, generous donations have helped improve the quality of life for countless individuals, their families, teachers, and others who care for them. Your donation to the Salome’s Heart Campaign enables us to support:


in special education

St. Vincent-St. Mary Transition to Work Program

This was the first program of its kind for students with special needs in all greater Akron private schools.

Group Homes

that support independent living

Community Involvement

with organizations that share our mission

Salome helped people in need wherever she saw it. The Foundation continues her mission.