Stories of Support

The Faith and Light Retreat

Nov 15, 2019

Two young adult students and a teacher are doing a craft.

The Charles and Salome Reymann Foundation is a mainstay supporter of the annual Faith and Light Retreat. Their significant contribution to our retreat covers 40% of the expenses to host the event, and makes it possible for individuals to attend who struggle financially. Without the foundation’s gift, the retreat would be a hardship for the individual, and F&L.

Attendees at the retreat include individuals with developmental, physical or mental disabilities, and is open to their parents, caregivers and families. Siblings are also encouraged to attend since they are an important part of support to the disabled family member. The retreat offers social support, spiritual support, prayer, reflection, inclusion, belonging, care and love.

By the end of the weekend, everyone is renewed in spirit, body and mind. We make new friends, connect with known friends, and leave with joy-filled hearts. Because of this retreat, people are more open to seeing Christ in others, and also to being Christ for others.

Becki Haller,
Treasurer & Board Member, Faith and Light, Inc., East
Seat on Provincial Council

Faith and Light is a ministry that tends to individuals with developmental disabilities through localized community support (groups). This retreat is our main escape for those in need, ministering to them and their families. Often times, this is the family’s summer vacation and only time they can get away. With the help of one-on-one volunteers, we take care of the DD individual, provide a respite for family members and their caregivers.

The retreat offers social activities, mass, crafts, skits, community building, music, fellowship, worship, networking, helpful information.

Two young adult students and a teacher are doing a craft.