Stories of Support

“Why I Give”
John S. (Jack) Domenico Jr.
7/9/1935 – 9/29/2023

Aug 22, 2021

“It’s an overwhelming joyfulness that I feel when I do something good for someone else.”

Why I Give - Jack Domenico

Jack Domenico loves the heartwarming feeling he gets through giving to others. The Reymann Foundation is proud to be a recipient of his generosity.  Growing up in a large Catholic family with seven siblings, Jack learned strong work ethics and cultivated a 40 year career with a major utilities company in Canton, Ohio.  Along the way, he raised a family of his own including a special needs daughter, Catherine, who was diagnosed with a hearing impairment at age six.

Due to the lack of programs available for special needs children in the 1960’s, Catherine only progressed through the 3rd grade.  As a young adult, Cathy became involved with employment-based organizations servicing individuals with developmental disabilities, but never experienced some of the wonderful programs offered by partners of the Reymann Foundation.

“I reviewed your website, and was so touched by your Foundation. When I read about what you are doing, I realized how much your mission resonates with my personal experiences. You are making programs possible that would have benefited my Cathy.” Jack decided to make a contribution from a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) in his Individual Retirement Account (IRA), and make a tax-free Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to the Reymann Foundation.  “It’s a win/win” Jack states, “and as long as I can continue to support this cause, I will!”

So when asked why I give, my quick answer is ‘why not?’ I am grateful that I can make such a contribution at this point in my life.

Jack Domenico